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Marconi 2031 signal generator with GPIB (Agilent 82375B)

Hello there!

I have a Marconi (Aeroflex) 2031 that I want to send commands to from my computer using C#. I am trying to do this with a GPIB device named "82375B" from Agilent.

Does anyone mind sending me a small code that just reads all available devices or just manually have to enter it and then maybe do the reset command.

If I got the basic things I can do the rest myself. Thanks in advance, been struggeling with this for a week!

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Any reason you're posting this question about the Agilent GPIB card and C# on a NI product discussion forum?

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Hello there Santo,

Thank you for your message. There is no reason for posting it on a NI product dicussion forum. I thought it was possible to program it using NI, although it's an agilent


Can you help me out?

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I suggest porting this question in the Instrument Control forum instead.  There will be more GPIB experts monitoring that forum.

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