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How to fetch signals within one period using oscilloscope from standard waveform generated by AWG


I am using an AWG to generate a standard waveform and an oscilloscope to fetch signals of one period. I use TCLK to sync the two devices. The question is how to accurately truncate the signals within one period from the oscilloscope input.


I try to calculate the count of signals in one period. However, I have no idea how to get the sample rate from the NIFgen session for StandardWaveform output. Is there any idea to resolve it?


The code snap for configuring AWG is as below:

NIFgen session = new NIFgen("PXI1Slot2");
session.Output.OutputMode = OutputMode.Function;
session.StandardWaveform.Configure("0", StandardWaveform.RampUp, 1.0, 0.5, 1e+6, 0);

Thanks a lot!

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Acquiring signals is irrelative with the AWG sample rate. Sorry to ask this stupid question. Please forget it.

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