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How generate real pulses in myRIO from pulse train function


 I need to generate modulated pulses for an experiment. I should be able to select the number of pulse for second and their frequency, variate the amplitude among then and produce them in myRIO. To build those pulses I used the tool pulse train; however, I am stuck about how to generate those pulse from the pulse train function in real pulses in myRIO. The PWM tool, aparently, doesn't allow to select and change the amplitude between the pulses. Does anyone knows how to produce them from pulse train or even another way to do so? Thanks.

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By the PWM tool, do you mean the express VI? The PWM express VI uses the digital output of the myRIO, so you cannot set the amplitude. If you need a signal with amplitude, you would need to use the analog output of the myRIO.

Daniel C.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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