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Hello I Want Labview Control An Indicator By Voice Recognition


I am Student in AIET Mechatronics Departement

and I had a Problem 

I want to Know How I can make a Simple Project That I can Control any type of indicators Like LED by Voice

Let me  Explain 

there is a LED Indicator

when I say "TURN ON "    // LED Will Turn On

and The Computer Say "LED On" 

when I say "TURN OFF "    // LED Will Turn Off

and The Computer Say "LED Off"



I want to know How i can make this project because I will Conected a program Like That To an AVR Microcontroler To Control a Motor

and if This Board Can not Help Me

Please Tell Me What Board I Must To Enter it 


Thanks For Helping Me



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To acquire the voice commands, you may be able to use the onboard sound card on the computer.  In LabVIEW you can use an ExpressVI called Acquire Sound that will allow you to acquire sound from this device.  If this does not work or does not sample fast enough, you can choose almost any of our data acquisition boards that can acquire about 5-10 faster than the maximum audible frequency (20kHz).  Meaning you should be okay with an analog input acquiring somewhere between 100-200kHz.


Now the interesting part is how are you planning on doing speech recognition to determine whether the user says 'LED On' or 'LED Off'?   You can certainly do this in LabVIEW, and other uses have, but there are not any built-in functions to do so.  I did a quick search on our website for this and found the following results of other customers doing similar applications:


I hope this helps get you started.  




Brian T

Applications Engineer

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there are softwares available which can covert voice to text easily. But the challenge is how to call that converted text into LabVIEW. i havent tried with these softwares.

Depending on the different texts, you may use case structures for your project.



Somil Gautam
Think Weird
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I too have the same problem...I am trying to control the mouse using speech signals...can you please attach your VI of "LED control" ...

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Hi Hibtulla,


I would search our site and Google for LabVIEW Speak like Brian said.  It's a development tool and not what you are trying to do, but you could steal the way it utilized the Microsoft Speech API.   It would be a lot easier than trying to get your own speak recognition algorithm working.

Justin Parker
National Instruments
Product Support Engineer
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I'm student of mechatronic and for my final year project I want do  the voice recognition for control wheelchar, such as forward , left , right

and I want use labview to control it , I need some information about such as the project



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Hello moha62


Thank you very much for your interest in National Instruments!  Can you please confirm whether Brian T's post was helpful to you?  Brian makes a number of suggestions as to how to proceed.  If this has not been helpful, some more preliminary information would assist me in helping you.  Can you please tell me which versions of LabVIEW and which operating system you are using?  Have you decided on any third party hardware for LabVIEW to interface with?  Thank you very much for your inquiries and I look forward to assisting you with this.


Greg S.
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Dear Sir


Thanx for Replying me, actually my pc is cori5, and i used labview 2009.

I asked from my teacher about the hardware , he knows but I forget already,sorry.

The objectives of this project are: an intelligent wheelchair work with voice command such as Right, Left, Forward, Backward and Stop. Furthermore there are some tasks for emergency situation, for example, if the normal command does not work the user can use these command to stop the system. In this system will use LABVIEW for controlling.

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Hello moha62


Thank you very much for your response!  You can certainly implement this functionality in LabVIEW.  To better assist you, could you please verify which hardware that your instructor has provided?  Thank you very much for your time and effort as I address your concern.


Greg S.
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Dear Sir


I think for Hardware, I can use compactRIO, But I'm not sure.

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