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Generate square wave with frequency 100hz and pulse width 150ns


Hi everyone, 

I am using NI Fgen 5402 board. I want to use 5402 to trigger the laser diode with frequency 100hz and pulse width 150ns. 
Does the 5402 support it? If yes how can I setting the pulse width 150 ns? 

Thanks in advance!

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Hello WorldAloneMe,


Yes it supports this pulse width. You can calculate it by inverting the 400MS/s rate to see that it updates at 2,5ns speed so it just has to be faster than your pulse width.

Also from the specification sheet you can see that the minimum rise/fall time is 12ns which is close to 20% of your complete signal so it may not be a perfect square.


You can refer to this link for creating the pulse:



Jarmo Levo

Applications engineer

National Instruments

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Dear JarmoLe, 

Thanks for your info. I am a beginer with NI Fgen. I have already read some examples in Labview'a library such as Fgen Basic Standard, Fgen Arbitrary, etc. 
I can not find the way to control or setting the desired pulse widtth. Can you describe more detail about it?
On the other hand, by using function generator machine, we can use the Burst Mode trigger to get the low pulse width. Can we use this way to generate the low pulse width? Or in labview we use the another way? 


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I also have the ARB5402 arbitrary function generator. I have a similar question, how do I set the pulse width for a continuous square wave? I'm using the "Fgen basic standard function" example and I'm able to set frequency, amplitude, offset etc.. all through the "configure standard" but there is no option in that vi for setting pulse width.

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This might be what you're looking for:

Marcos Kirsch
Chief Software Engineer
Core Modular Instruments Software
National Instruments
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Thanks for the feedback. Is this function set through a property node? If so, how does one go about setting the duty cycle % through the property node? I've never used methods like this, I've only used the niFGEN driver VIs directly.

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I ended up doing this:


After I call the subvi "Configure standard waveform", I then pass instrument handle to a FGEN property node. I selected "Duty Cycle High" from the list of supported properties and wired a value of 50 to the DBL input terminal of the node. I hope this makes sense.

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You want 150ns at 100 Hz. That's a very small duty cycle and the device probably cannot achieve it. Look into

Marcos Kirsch
Chief Software Engineer
Core Modular Instruments Software
National Instruments
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No that was the original poster who wanted that, I just added a comment because I have the same basic question. The PW I'm looking for is a 1 uS pulse within a 100 kHz signal.

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