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Generate PFI0 output after waveform generation on 5820


Hi, we have a NI PXIe-5820 generating a IQ differential waveform from the I+ and I- ports on the front panel (the NI PXIe-5820 resides in a NI PXIe-1075 chassis with a NI PXIe-8840 controller). We need the NI PXIe-5820 to generate a trigger pulse AFTER waveform generation to trigger an external device to begin an acquisition. We thought we could use the "niRFSG Export" to generate a pulse on the PFI0 port of the NI PXIe-5820 front panel, but it seems that the "niRFSG Export" can only export a signal in the committed state but not the generation state. Is there a VI that allows the NI PXIe-5820 to generate a pulse output on the PFI0 front panel port after waveform generation starts? Any other ideas on how to generate a trigger output from the NI PXIe-5820 after waveform generation?


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Hi pcbguy,


When you say AFTER waveform generation, do you mean after the waveform is done being generated or at the start of the waveform? For instance, if you have a waveform with 1000 points, would you want the trigger to be output at the first point or at the last point.


Typically you would use the niRFSG Export Signal to set up the event/trigger that you want exported. You then start generation, when the event or trigger occurs, the signal would be exported.


For instance, if you select the Started Event as the signal to be exported, then once the generation has received a start trigger and starts generating, the Started Event will be exported to a trigger line of your choice. Alternatively, if you select the Done Event, then the signal will exported when generation is done.


In summary, use the niRFSG Export before you start your generation to configure the signal you want to export. That signal will then automatically export itself when the event/trigger occurs.

Michael Bilyk
Systems Engineer
National Instruments
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