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Generate Arbitrary Waveform with High Current



I need to build an Arbitrary Waveform from VI, then send to an Coil to generate a magnetic field. The waveform in the coil should have high current (1A) for generation of high magnetic field. What the device should I need? Device 1, device 2 ...?


LabVIEW VI generate Arbitrary Waveform ======> Device 1 (A/D) ======> Device 2 (D/A + Power amplifer) ======> Coil with high current (1A).


Thanks you!


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How many connections does your coil need?

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Depending on the coil and frequency needed, 1A could be a 'high' current...


up to 100kHz a voltage controlled current source with a moderate power OP should do the job.

for more current :APEX power amplifier

Depending on the coil used and the frequency needed the voltage rating schould be the next question ...

If you want to buy a voltage to current amplifier you can look at BEAK, maybe phone them, I know the amps can do that.




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