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Generate 1KHz Tone using NI PXI-5422


I am new to this NI-FGEN. I would like to generate a 1 KHz tone with Carrier Freq of 530 KHz (80% Modulation). I am trying hear the 1KHz tone on the radio when tune to AM 530 station. If anybody got any simple example please let me know..

I am using NI PXI-5422 Arbitary WaveForm Generator and Modulation Tool kit


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There are examples that ship with Modulation Toolkit for FGEN (I am using the latest versions of FGEN and Modulation Toolkit, so your findings may not be exactly the same as mine). Go to Start>>All Programs>>National Instruments>>Modulation>>LabVIEW Support>>Modulation Examples Folder. You should now see a folder called FGEN examples. In there you will find a VI called "MT nifgen AM Signal". This example is very straightforward and has front panel controls to specify your modulated and carrier frequency.

This example will let you test the generation with sine waves, square waves, etc. If you are wanting to generate the data from file, there are plenty of examples that ship with the NI-FGEN driver that will show you how this can be accomplished. I hope this helps.

Best Regards,
Jeremy R.
NI - Applications Engineer
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Somw how I couldn't locate the specific example VI. Please send it to me if you can..


I am going to try to re-install the toolkit...

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Here is the example program that I was referring to.
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