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FGEN SFP localization



I would like to localize (translate strings in program and documentation) FGEN SFP. I have found sfpArb_DynamicStrings_ENG.ini and translated it. Now I'm seeking sfpArb_VIStrings_Eng.ini file to translate. Where could I find it and how could I programmatically change SFP language to Japanese or add new language in order to read strings from new configuration files?


Thanks in advance

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Where are you getting the filename sfpArb_VIStrings_Eng.ini from? I have the FGEN SFP on my system an cannot find any mention of it.

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FGEN SFP does not have sfpArb_VIStrings_Eng.ini. The static English strings are the default strings on the UI, so the SFP does not need to read these English strings from a file when launching. So, unfortunately, this file does not exist on the installed system.


You could try reaching out to the customer support team (1 866 275 6964) for them to escalate this issue and try to send this file to you. 


Zvezdana Stojakovic

National Instruments

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There is only sfpArb_DynamicStrings_ENG.ini file. I'm trying to get sfpArb_VIStrings_Eng.ini too. There is only japanese file sfpArb_VIStrings_JPN.ini .

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Dear Zvezdana thank you for your reply.


So regarding localization issue only customer support team could help me?

Also I want to mention that currently I'm not a member of NI SSP program.

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Yes, unfortunately since sfpArb_VIStrings_Eng.ini does not exist, as the SFP doesn't need this English file, someone at NI would have to create it for you. The current SFP just doesn't support other languages.


If reaching the support team is not an option for you, you could possibly try to recreate this English file from the Japanese one, although I understand it's not ideal. There are possibly online tools for translating that you could use. The Japanese file at least lists all the strings/tags that should be included, and those strings are somewhere on the UI. So, if you can only translate from English, it would just be a matter of finding them on the UI and placing them in the correct location in that file.


Sorry I am not able to offer more help.


Zvezdana Stojakovic

National Instruments

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