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Details about NI PXIe-5654

Hello all,

Just started with PXIe-5654 ( I have only PXIe-5654 without PXIe-5696 -  amplitude extender module), would like to get some questions answered.

I can see PXIe-5654 in MAX and can control it with SG Software panel (verified with help external Spectrum Analyser)


I can run some of RFSG examples (I’m using LabView 2015 SP1, see attached VI’s):

RFSG Getting Started Single Tone

RFSG Frequency Sweep (565x and 5673).vi


But when I run something more complex:

RFSG 565x Analog

RFSG Arbitrary Waveform

RFSG Multitone

I’m get the error (see attached jpg file).


What can be the reasons for these? Is it any chance that my hardware is not supported by these examples?


Additional/general questions:

  1. With PXIe-5654 can I setup/manipulate Phase of the signal or only Frequency and Amplitude?
  2. Can I get generation by providing I/Q data?
  3. Is this generator support p2p data transfer? Is it possible to drive PXIe-5654 generation from FPGA card through p2p data streem?

Thank you,

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Made more investigation about p2p data transfer:

There are only two models of RF Generators supported. So it is look like for item 3 fro my list answer is NO.

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