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DC offset value in NI PXIe-5412

When I am trying to assign different values to the DC set of a sine signal in Fgen Function, I receive the following message:


DC offset error.png



For the signal generation, I use PXI-5412, which is able to produce signals of up to 24 Vpk-pk, according to the manual.

What I am doing wrong?

Should I manually change the value of the Gain property?

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Bottom of page 3:

Offset Range Span of ±25% of amplitude range with increments <0.0014% of amplitude range


Reduce your requested offset or increase your amplitude. 

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Thank you for the reply!

I should have read the manual more carefully.


Does it mean that it is impossible to set the DC Offset to 5 V in order to configure a waveform with an amplitude of 10 V to range from 0 V to +10 V with NI PXIe-5412?

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Hi artkop


Yes it does. 

If i read the the manual correctly. 

25% of "0-10v" would be "2.5v". 



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Hi, Andreas_OP


Yes, you are right.

That’s ok. I will just use a DC offset on my amplifier.

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If the Sine wave uses the full range of the DAC, then that's the limit. But you could download a User Defined Waveform that is a smaller Sine wave, then increase Amplitude to get it back where you wanted. After that, you should have more playroom with offset. The Used Defined Waveform doesn't even need to be centered around 0.0.


Not simple, and you sacrifice DAC resolution, but it's a potential workaround.

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