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Can the PXI-5122 generate a trigger (with a constant delay time) to an external device?

Hi Everyone,


I am using a DAQ PXI-5122 in my PXI chassis and I want to synchronize it with my other external devices. First, the PXI-5122 will be received an external trigger (at a 10 Hz repetition rate). After 4-us delay time, I need to generate a trigger to another external device.


So could I use the PXI-5122 to generate a trigger (with a constant delay time) to an external device? Or I must use a function generator (ie. PXI 5402) for this purpose?


Waiting for your reply,


Thanks in advance,

John Cooper


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The NI-Scope help SMC-Based Digitizers Acquisition Engine State Diagram for your device might give some idea..


maybe you can read hardware tiggered (ext Trig input) multiple records of 4µs and use the End of Record Event routed to PFI or the PXI bus ... it will retrigger ....



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Thank for your help, Henrik!


It looks like the PXI-5122 can trigger an external hardware through PFI lines.


I'm trying to find the solution.



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I'm using the PXI-5122 to generate a trigger (with the frequency of 10 Hz) to an external device which uses a BNC connector. The trigger is routed to PFI 0 line (pin no.9) of the AUX connector (9-pin mini-circular DIN).


Could you please suggest me a suitable cable to connect them? Or should I make an AUX to BNC cable by connecting two pins of BNC connector to pin no.2 and pin no.9 of the AUX connector?




John Cooper.

AUX Connector.jpg

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The cable that NI provides for the 9-Pin DIN connector found on the NI 5122 should be this one: It breaks out into 2 BNC cables.


Having said that, this is the Signal Generators discussion board that is catered towards NI Signal Generator products, such as those with NI 54xx as the product name. You will get much better and faster assistance if you post on the NI Digitizers board with your questions regarding the NI 5122. You can find that board here: 

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Thank you! It looks avaiable in my lab.


At first, I thought I must use a FGEN (PXI-5402) for this purpose. Then, Henrik suggested me use PFI line to perform it using only the PXI-5122.


Finally, could you please move this topic to NI Digitizers board?


Thank again!




John Cooper.

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