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Announcing InstrumentStudio 2018 SP2: adds arbitrary waveform generation, frequency list, and frequency sweep modes for waveform generator panels

New features in InstrumentStudio 2018 SP2:


Frequency sweep mode  
Sweep Only.gifFGEN Sweep + Scope FFT

Frequency list mode

List Mode - Arb and Scope.PNG


Arbitrary waveform generation mode

Arbitrary Waveform - Large Mode.PNGArbitrary waveform preview in large panel mode

Other new features for 2018 SP2 include:

  • Oscilloscopes
    • Added FFT channels, frequency markers, and FFT measurements
    • Added two-channel measurements
  • General
    • Added support for exporting instrument events to PXI chassis trigger lines
    • Added CSV file format for data capture


As of this writing, the latest full driver version of NI-FGEN installs InstrumentStudio 2018. To access these new features, you can upgrade directly to InstrumentStudio 2018 SP2 through NI Package Manager or the download page here.

Michael Keane
National Instruments
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