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AWG 5451 doesnot support single trigger mode when Complex data processing mode is selected


Hi, I'm using using AWG PXIe-5451 in single triggered mode with backplane PXI trigger lines (RTSI0) to trigger the waveform generation.

Everything works fine till REAL data processing mode is selected but when the same configuration is used for complex waveform generation, the AWG throws an error:


Error -1074135024 occurred at niFgen Initiate

Possible reason(s):
0010) Invalid value for parameter or property.

The attribute values are not similar in the channels or capabilities specified. Use a single channel name or a capability name to query the value.


In complex mode, the AWG work only with continuous trigger mode, wherein the AWG continously generates the data again and again after a single trigger. 

I want the AWG to generate the data only once and wait gain for trigger to generate the next waveform.

So is there any configuration that i missed?

How to i configure AWG to generate complex waveforms in single triggered mode and RTSI0 line as trigger line?


the example file is attached.

Thanks & regards,

Elton Pinto.

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