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AO squarewave with 1 microsecond pulse width

Im trying to create a squarewave with a pulse width of 1 microsecond and a period of 2 microseconds (50% duty cycle). So far I have been trying to use what code i can get off the NI site to help me with this, but so far no luck. I have a PXI-6025E running off the PXI-8176 controller. Can anyone point me in teh right direction? Or possibly if theres a VI I skipped over that might have the answer.

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sorry, posted twice by mistake
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Hi Mark,

The analog output update rate on the 6025E is not fast enough to produce a 500kHz square wave. The update rate is 10kHz.

However, you should use a counter to output the 500kHz square wave. The counter can output up to a 10MHz square wave. There are several shipping examples that you can use to generate the square wave:
LabVIEW 6.1: Generate Pulse Train (DAQ-STC).vi
LabVIEW 7.0 (DAQmx): Gen Dig Pulse

Essentially, any pulse train generation example using the DAQ-STC counter/timer chipset (used on all E Series data acquisition cards). Hope that helps.

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