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A problem when installing the RFSA/RFSG for PXIe-5644R

When I intall the software "NI-RFSA/RFSG for PXIe-5644R",there is always a problem,that says——


NI-RFSA Instrument Driver Support

This installer could not detect a supported version of NI-RFSA. To develop and run applications for the NI 5644R using the NI-RFSA instrument driver, exit this installer and install NI-RFSA 2.5.2. Then, re-run this installer.



but I surely have installed the NI-RFSA 2.5.2 before. This problem bothering me for a long time.I really want to know how to solve it.Thanks.

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I am sorry for the trouble you're having installing this software. Can you post a copy of your installation log? I can take a look at it and hopefully get to the bottom of this.


It should be located here:

C:\programdata\national instruments\installation logs



James D


Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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Thank you for your reply.

I have solved the problem.At the very start,I downloaded the software of RFSA 2.6 from the and installed it.I think the higher version must be compatible with the old version of RFSA 2.5.2.But badly it's not. After I uninstalled the RFSA 2.6 and reinstalled the RFSA 2.5.2,an amazing thing happened--it works!as you know ,I somehow solved the problem.

The fact means that the RFSA/RFSG for PXIe-5644R only support the unique version of RFSA 2.5.2 ?

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