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Please help!! We are trying to control 120V 10W solenoid valves using the SCXI-1163R and 1326 terminal block based on measurements obtained from SCXI-1100 and 1303 terminal block.  We have the SCXI-1100 and 1303 wired and up and running, but we can't figure out how to wire the 1326 terminal block to our solenoids.  We were sold the 1163R and 1326 for this express purpose (to control these exact solenoid valves) years ago by NI, so we know it can be done, but we can't figure out how exactly to wire it.  From what we can tell from our old notes and the discussions we have had with NI tech support, we can only actuate 8 of the valves at a time in the parallel set up (individually triggered - 1 from each bank of 4).  But we don't know exactly what to do with the wires from the solenoids and power supply - if we plug the positive wires of the power supply into the GRN (actually COM) terminal and the solenoids into the channel terminals, where do the negative wires and ground wires connect to?

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Thank you for bringing this issue to the forums. I was looking through the manual for the 1326 terminal block and I am came across Figure 2: SCXI-1326 Signal Connections. This is what you are looking for and you can find it here: on page 6.

You can see that each channel has its own VCC and GND terminals. The negative wires and ground wires will go into the GND terminal.


Also, here is the manual for your SCXI-1163R: page 4 has the relay layout.

Here is a similar forum:


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Vimal Fernandez

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National Instruments
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