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scxi 1001 backplane fuse blown by 1 of 12 modules

I have an SCXI 1001 chassis with 12 relay modules. Suddenly the modules were unresponsive, though the chassis tested okay and auto configured modules. I found that the backplane fuses were blown. I replaced them with 4 modules, all's well and the relays work. I fully populated all the modules, and the fuses blew again. Anyone have suggestion on located bad SCXI 1160 relay module that might be blowing the fuses? While troubleshooting, I loaded the modules in another chassis, and those fuses went also. At 3 bucks each, and 2 blown each time, it could get expensive, so I'm hoping for shortcut. Thanks
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Hi sgonzo,


First, I suggest that you visually inspected all your relays for any sort of obvious physical damage.  Unfortunately, there is no simple test that you can do on the relay module outside the chassis to determine which one is causing the fuses to blow.  I would recommend starting with 6 modules at a time and testing them, then testing the remaining 6, followed by testing 3 of the 6 in the "bad" bunch, then the other 3 and so on.  This way should ensure that you blow the fuses 3 times, so 6 fuses and $18.  I would also recommend keeping the 4 that you mentioned worked fine in one group so you can quickly eliminate them later if they happen to be in your "bad" group.  Hope that helps!  

Sarah Yost
Senior Product Marketing Manager
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