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reply from dul to Bill B

dear sir,

sorry for reply late.Now i am going to give you details about the queries you asked.
1.we are using k-type thermocouple(ni-Cr)
2.yes,+ve and -ve terminals are connected properly to the SCXI terminal blocks
3.actually by the readymade VI,i wanted to mean testing of virtual channel in MAX.I have already created virtual channel in MAX but it does not give actual temperature reading.this thing was confirmed by heating thermocouple wire about 40 degree c,but the reading shows only 19-20deg.c.

hope to get a quick reply
thanking you
indrajit talukdar
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Hello dul,

I think this may be an issue with the CJC sensor on your SCXI terminal block. Ensure that when you create your virtual channel, that you set the CJC source as "Built-In" . This will use the CJC sensor that is built into the terminal block is used for compensation. Check your virtual channel properties to ensure that your CJC source is set to "Built-In."

Let me know if this helps your measurement. If it does not help, reply to me with the hardware that you are using so I can reevaluate the issue.

Bill B
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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