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navigate pages of tab control with radio buttons


hi guy,

i need to navigate 7 pages of a tab control container usings custom buttons. that is, when i click on a button, i takes me to the specific page on the tab control container.

i think this can be done using radio buttons and tab control container, but i dnt really know how. please any help will be appreciated.


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Hi jiggaharry,


I think I may have a link that addresses you issue. Do have a look at this link:


Navigate Tab Control with Custom Buttons:


We have a vast array of data on for examples and tutorials which could be very helpful in your code development. Do feel free to browse through and use the examples are they are all free of charge 🙂


Hope the link is useful to you.



Manick | AE | NI ASEAN


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Hi Manick,

I guess you are trying to give this link instead of link to the forum message. Smiley Wink



- Meadow -
LabVIEW 7.0 - 2011, Vision, RT, FPGA
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