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low pass filter for NI7358 analogue input




I am controlling the force of a wire system using the NI7358. Basically, the controller (7358) is suppose to control the motor such that it maintains the force on a cable. A load cell is mounted on the cable in which the output is used as the feedback. The load cell signal goes into the analogue input of the controller. It can be discribed as follows.


[required force]-----------------------------[NI 7358] ----------------------[amplifier and servo motor]----------------------------------------[output force] 

                                                          l                                                                                                                l

                                                           ------------------------------------[load cell signal]-----------------------------------------------------


I have used standard vi to perform the force control (see attachment). As the load cell signal is noisy, I am experiecing jerky motion on the motor.


Question: Is there a way to digitally filter (low pass or averaging) the load cell signal in labview. This seem to be impossible with the standard vi format (see attachment) that I used for the force control.


Thanks and regards



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