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does anyone help me in understanding single ended and diff ended signal? and

iam using daqpad-mio-16xe-50,in this daqpad if i want to use diff ended signal,lets say channel 0 then i connect +ve wire in 0 pin and -ve wire in 8 pin.
till now is alright,but manual say that groung the -ve pin in the al ground or in case mentioned in manual connect -ve pin to al gnd through resistor?
what does this mean?why it is necessary?is it not sufficient to connect +ve & -ve wires to their respective pins?

if possible then answer me with the help of diagrams.

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When using differential mode, and you are a grounded source, it is sufficient to connect only to +ve and -ve. If you are using a floating signal, like a battery or thermocouple, you need to add a bias resistor from -ve to AIGND.

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