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Why is the input mode greyed out when I try to create a virtual channel for my 1102?

I have set up a virtual channel for my SCXI-1102, and the input mode is greyed out with it set to "differential". I have already skimmed this forum for answers, and I have checked to verify that the mode slot under the AI tab for my MIO-E series card is set to nonreferenced single-ended mode. I then created a virtual channel with the device slot under the hardware column set to Dev1_SC1_MD1:SCXI-1102. At this point, as already stated, the input mode goes grey while set to differential. What's going on?
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All outputs from the SCXI module are measured in differential mode. You can still mix differential and single ended measurements (if you use the remaining channels of your daq board).

The easiest way to mix modes is with virtual channels. All SCXI analog input channels will be differential, while you can make other virtual channels differential or single ended. If you don't want to use virtual channels, you can use AI Hardware Config in LabVIEW to change the mode.

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John N
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National Instruments
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