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Why do I get Error -10007 when I move an SCXI-1143 module to a different slot in the chassis?

I moved an 1143 module to another slot in the chassis and now when I call AI to set the filter cutoff frequency it produces error -10007. The inputs to AI are:
channels - sc1!md10!0:7
operation - set
parameter name - Filter Setting (14)
float in - 2000

I found document ID:22F191QY that explains the need to configure all channels for the same cutoff frequency, since the cutoff frequency is per MODULE, not per channel. The channel string I've entered should account for this. I tried "-1" too and it produced the same error.

The example that ships with LabVIEW (SCXI-1143 Configure leaves the channels input empty. This is fine if you do
not have any other modules that need to be set using the Filter Setting (14). However, I have an 1126 Frequency module that also uses this setting -so each call to AI Parameter must specifiy the module number.

I'm using the following modules: 1520,1520,1520,1143,1126,1102,1102,1125,1125,1143.
and using channel strings in every case rather than virtual channels from MAX.
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I discovered the source of the problem. The problem arose because this was the first time I had ever put a module past slot 9. Somewhere in the code that generated the channel strings, there was an error handling a 2 digit slot number. The error -10007 occurred because I was trying to set the filter setting on module 10, while not having a module 10 in the channel list. Module 10 had been truncated to module 1 in the channel list. Once I fixed this problem, it worked fine.
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