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Verify SCXI chassis: Configuration specifies a SCXI -1600 module but nothing was detected


Hello NI Engineer,


I am using SCXI 1001 chassis with SCXI 1600 control module, SCXI 1520 signal conditioning module and SCXI 1314 connector block to acquire data from strain gage. Once I right clicked SCXI 1001 under device and Interfaces in MAX>> test>>I found a pop up window as “Verify SCXI chassis: Configuration specifies a SCXI -1600 module but nothing was detected”.


This is what I did.  I connected wires from strain gage to SCXI 1314 connector block which is then connected to SCXI 1520, placed in chassis. I connected SCXI 1600 controller module to computer using a USB 2.0 cable. As soon as I switched on chassis, I found a pop up at task bar as “SCXI 1600 is detected”. I opened MAX and right clicked NI SCXI -1001 under devices and interfaces>> Properties>>selected the accessory under module tab and got “Configuration complete” message at top of pop  up window, But once I right clicked NI SCXI 1001 >> test >> I found an error as mentioned above. Also once I right clicked NI SCXI 1520, under NI SCXI 1001>> Configure TEDS>> I was not able to click scan for HW TEDS option (i.e. It’s not shown up). How to overcome these two errors? Please help me. I also attached screen shots with this. I am using windows XP.





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Hi Dhaya,

You seems in the correct direction to configure the SCXI hardware. There is nothing to test on the SCXI-1001 chassis instead you can test on the individual channels inside the SCXI. SCXI 1600 will auto detect the modules inside the SCXI Chassis and display it in MAX. The next step that you may need to do is to configure the Accessories (Connector Block) that is attached to the SCXI-1520 mentioned.

Once you configure the connector block, you should be able to test SCXI-1520 channel.

In regards to TEDS, Are you using SCXI-1314T connector block ( which is for TEDS sensors?


I hope that this helps



- Meadow -
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