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VI measuring and logging 4 analog channels


can somebody give me an example how to measure 4 analog channels on the DAQmx ch,26,27,28,29 for 10 seconds and log these into an array and export it to excel or matlab?

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By looking in your question I could find a example about how you can make an excel file from your analog channels.

You can look at the example which is given as an attachment.

When you choose your channels you can modify the sample per channel and rate of the DAQmx to make 10 seconds. Then by using the Spreadsheet you can save the data as an excel file by setting the Transpose? function to the true, as it is shown in example. By using that you can get the data of each channel in different columns instead of rows.


I hope it will be useful for you and if you have a question Hear it from you.


Best regards,


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