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Using HVAB in Matrix mode

For my application i am using SCXI 1127 in matrix mode say 4X8 using SCXI 1332
In my application i am using NIDMM 4060 as a switch controller as well for
measurement. I know that for measurement we have to route the signal thru AB0
& AB2 bus. I not clear about how to route the signals through these buses while operating in matrix mode..

Say for example i am using a device which has the following terminals ( a,b,c,d).

I have connected these terminals to rows r0,r1,r2,r3 respectively...

I have to connect the DMM to one of the column for measurement of voltage at point C

please give me details how to connect the channels( which row & column should i connect to AB0) to
Achieve the above..
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Dear Sir,

Thank you for using the Developer Exchange.

The best way to perform this kind of measurement is to externaly connect the DMM to the column1 of the matrix instead of using the HVAB. The HVAB is more commonly used when the module is used as a multiplexer, as a matrix the best thing to do is to connect your devices directly to the specific row or column.

Best Regards,
Omar De Andrade
Applications Engineer - National Instruments
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