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Thermocouple measurement by j thermocouple and singnal conditioner


Dear all,

I'm trying to get a thermocouple measurement using a cc_U/TC universal thermocouple signal converter and a j-type thermocouple (shown below):

1SVR040005R0000 - Signal Converter, Thermocouple, Voltage, ± 0.1%Main Product

Could you help me to know how to connect them to aBNC 2110 block (connected to a PCIe6353). Thank you in advance.




Alessio Monaco

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Hi @AlessioM,


I'm not sure about the details of the signal converter, but as long as it's still a differential analog input, instructions on how to do this are detailed on page 5 of the BNC-2110 Installation Guide.



Lindsey Nestor
Technical Support Engineer
National Instruments
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