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Synchronization between PCI - 6251 and PCI - 7811R

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I need to synchronized two PCI card, PCI - 6251 and PCI - 7811R. It is my first time with so huge application, and I do not know where I should start.

To PCI - 6251 I have connected SCXI - 1001, (in chassis: SCXI-1161, -1326, -1327, -1125, -1324) and I will use it to make measurements. Through PCI - 7811R I want to comunicate using JTAG protocol, SPI, and meaby measure PWMs signals. I am not sure is all possible.


Please help me, or give me some advice where I can find some examples.




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Hi __behemot_,


  First of all synchronization between these two modules can be done through the RTSI bus in the most easiest way. Both modules have RTSI connector, so no problem should be there. You may find some useful information baout the RTSI bus on the following link:


Search also in NI Example Finder on RTSI, there You can find nice examples.


Regarding the FPGA programming topic, the following links are sure useful when it comes to Digital Communication Interfaces and PWM on FPGA:


Please also check the NI Example Finder (most easiest way to find it in LabVIEW is the Help menu): in Browse tab chose Toolkits and Modules-->FPGA-->R Series. Here You can find plenty of examples that can be useful to get started.


Let us know if You need anything else!


Best regards,


David Varga

Applications Engineer


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