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Signal Conditioning with PCI-6071E

Hallo, here is my question.
Which is the easiest method to apply signal conditioning (for 48 VDC signals, max 50 Khz) to the AI Input of my 6071E, using standard NI products (and cables), without penalize the excellent bandwidth of the board?
I already use an SCXI-1104C module in an SCXI-1000 chassis, but it "cuts" my signal at 10 Khz. So I've developed a circuit in an SCXI-1181 Breadboard, but I spent a lot of time to do that!
Is there a simple way to resolve my difficulty?
Thank you very much, in advance, for your help!
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I found a possible alternative in the SCXI-1120D, that is a wide band isolation amplifier

with a lowpass filter at 22.5 kHz. Combined with the SCXI-1327 high-voltage attenuator

terminal block, the input range is extended to +-250 V. This module gives only 8 channels.

If you like to have a clarifying and more detalied chat, you can contact directly our commercial

technicians at NI Italy (see

Besy regards,


Matteo Foini

Applications Engineer

NI - Italy

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Ok, Matteo, I'll certainly contact NI Italy in reference to my problem.
Anyway I think it's not very simple, with standard NI products, to connect signal conditioning to +/- 10V AI inputs (i.e. PCI-6071E inputs) without excessively sacrifice of the bandwidth.
I already wrote that I'm using now an SCXI 1104C module with my 6071E: this is my ideal signal "conditioner" but I would have a cutoff bandwidth of 100 Khz, not 10 Khz.....
Thank you for your answer!
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