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SCXI Bus Connector Pins

I need to develop a custom board using a SCXI-1181 Breadboard module.
In the User Manual of this module (pag 3-6) I read this note: "The SCXI-1000/1001 chassis does not supply pins A7 through D18".
This sentence is valid also for the PXI-1052 Chassis, or, in this product, the "SCXIbus connector pin assignment" is identical of the figure 3-3
(page 3-4, same manual)?
P.S. In the "SCXIbus System Specification" manual, actually, pins A7 through D18 are listed like "reserved".
Thank you very much for your help.
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Hi Stefano,

I believe you should consider the information available in this knowledgebase

Using the SCXI-1181 in a PXI Combo Chassis

The PXI-1052 is basically a renewed version that replaces directly a PXI-1011. As pointed out in this KB, there is no way for a SCXI-1181 module to get connected to your DAQ board. You should consider using a different chassis, a PXI-1050 (or equivalent PXI-1010) or other standalone SCXI Chassis, like the SCXI-1000 or SCXI-1001.

Also consider that the SCXI portion of a combo chassis offers the same SCXI Bus present on a SCXI chassis.



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Thank you, Alessio, and sorry for the late of this reply.


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