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SCXI 1326 with SCXI 1161 module

Can I use SCXI 1326 with SCXI 1161 module and keep all features? In SCXI - 1326 Installation Guide SCXI - 1161 is not recommended by NI so I have doubts.
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Hi __behemot_!


You cannot use SCXI 1326 with SCXI 1161, but you don't need to.

SCXI 1161 is a general-purpose  relay module with 8 channels of electromagnetic switching capabilities, yet SCXI 1326 is a Terminal box for 32 ch digital input/output modules with transistor-transistor logic (TTL).

For SCXI 1161 you don't need anything, but the module. You can use it with built-in screw terminal.


I hope that'll help you understand.


Best regards,


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