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SCXI-1122 w/SCXI-1322 signal noise

The SCXI-1122 with W1 at (factory setting) and W2 (pullup). 

In using a combination of a thermocouple and 0-10 / 0-5 vdc at the SCXI-1322 wired inputs on CH0-CH7. 

All are set to differential, 4khz and looking at the physical input it seems stable, at least not to match the data seen in attachment.

It appears as a sensitivity issue in this case, rather than noise.  I'm unfamiliar with the SCXI and using multiple type inputs on the same module. 


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the attached signal display (noise) is present on all channels when no change to the voltage input signals are present present.

I mis-spoke about the 4-20ma input.  There is a 250 ohm  at the device and NIMax is set to read 1-1-5vdc.

when the level of the signal changes, the input appears to change appropriately without the noise amplitude, as if common is missing.

Thank you all for any suggestions!

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How do i adjust signal sensitivity, in NiMAX?

Verified that noise is not sourced from field wiring by connecting a battery box w/short leads to the input channel.



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