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SCXI-1120D channel access


We have had a problem with accessing the SCXI side of a PXI-1010 chassis. The self test would respond with unable to access the chassis. The SCXI chassis was removed from the configuration and then reinstalled. Self test did pass after the installation. Now we can only read the first channel and not the remaining 7. We are trying to read the frequency and height of a 5 volt 10 Khz square wave. The system consists of 2 PXI-1010 chassis and a computer. Originally the communicatin was MXI-3 but NI no longer supports the PCI-8335 so we had to change to MXI-4 and the PCI-8336. All of the new drivers were loaded.

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Hi Bob,


From what it looks like, your chassis seems to be working at this point? The problems just exist with the 1120D module?  


If your still having problems configuring the PXI-1010, I would use this article as a reference: Configuring a PXI-1010 or PXI-1011 Chassis in Measurement and Automation Explorer


If it is specific to the 1120D module, do you have a front panel connector connected to it, such as the SCXI-1327? Any additional detail about how the module is configured, any error codes, or any other information would help to identify the problem.




National Instruments
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