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Hello. My name is Ed and I work for Lehigh University.

I have a problem configuring a SCXI-1102C analog input board with NI MAX.
I'm adding a SCXI-1102C A/D card to the SCXI chassis, remote setup. When I run a test with NI MAX on the SCXI chassis it recognizes the card but when I click on "input" to add the hardware I get the following error messages:

"Could not launch VI: modalVI2.cpp"


Just before the error message comes up a a quick message flashes for a second. It looks like the VI can't find a file. Its searching for "instr.lib"

I've tested the board on a another system with a simular configuration and I had no issues configuring the board so the problem seems to be specific to the system and the version of NI-MAX I'm using.

Do I need to do anything with NI MAX before adding hardware? Any known missing library files common to NI-MAX? Any advise would help.





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Hello Ed, 


Since I am handleing this issue via email let us keep it on that end so we are saving time and not posting in two different locations. We will post the steps to resolve the issue or work around for any future users who run across this issue. 




Izzy O.

Applications Engineer

National Instruments 

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