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Hi All,

I have PCI-6052E with SC-2345 (White carrier, rear connector), and NI-DAQmx 7.3.0f0.

I have available the following modules:

4 x SCC-ACC01 (1 channel)

3 x SCC-SG02 (2 channel)

1 x SCC-SG04 (2 channel)

1 x SCC-FV01 (2 channel)

1 x SCC-TC02


I am trying this configuration:




J4=SCC-FV01;J12=empty (reserved for secong channel of SCC-FV01... i suppose)

J5=SCC-SG04;J13=empty (reserved for secong channel of SCC-SG04... i suppose)

J6=SCC-SG02;J14=empty (reserved for secong channel of SCC-SG02... i suppose)

J7=SCC-SG02;J15=empty (reserved for secong channel of SCC-SG02... i suppose)

J8=SCC-SG02;J16=empty (reserved for secong channel of SCC-SG02... i suppose)


If I am trying do this at MAX, there is error:

Invalid SCC in stage 2

SCC-ACC01 in J1 cannot be used as the second stage in a dual-stage AI channel.


I am confused. I suppose SCC-ACC01 is only 1 channel therefore i can use this configuration. 

Can anyone help me please? What configuration should I choose?(I need all modules)!

Thank you.

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Hi cagi,


Dual stage mode is for cascading two modules. Here's the description from the SCC Quick Start Guide:


Dual-Stage Analog Input Conditioning

For dual-stage analog input conditioning, plug the first-stage SCC module into any socket J(X+9) and
plug the second-stage SCC module into the corresponding paired socket, J(X+1). Connect the input
signals to the first-stage SCC module, and none to the second-stage SCC. The SC-2345 connects the
output signals of the first-stage SCC modules to the inputs of the second-stage SCC modules and routes
the outputs of the second-stage modules to DAQ device channels AI (X) and AI (X+8). An example of
dual-stage conditioning is a voltage attenuator SCC module followed by a lowpass filter SCC module.
Figure 16 shows how to install analog input modules on the SC-2345 carrier.

Sometimes, you can cascade two analog input SCC modules together on a single analog input channel
to form a dual-stage configuration. You can use sockets J9 to J16 as the first stage of a dual-stage analog
input configuration. Use sockets J1 to J8 for the second stage of a dual-stage analog input configuration.


Unfortunately, a dual stage configuration doesn't let you route AI(X) to one SCC-ACC01 and AI(X+8) to another SCC-ACC01. The SCC carrier isn't designed to do that.



Brad Keryan
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Thank you.


I did not want to admit this fact, the truth is cruel 🙂



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