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Post Pictures of Your SCXI Test Setup

I hope this is not an inappropriate discussion.

I'm curious to see how some of the other labs out there in the world have their hardware set up; benchtop, mobile (on a cart or something), cabling connections (lemo, Turck, MilSpec, etc.). 

I'm currently in the process of integrating SCXI hardware into our lab which will be taking the place of some REALLY outdated DAQ instruments. Needless to say, the cart that this system is on is old, the cables are old, the connections are old. We have a rather large operation here and I'm the only one taking this project on (other techs don't move too quick to the tune of integrating new equipment) so it's up to me to set the standard from here on out. I'd like to be as creative as possible but look forward to seeing some other ideas too.


I'm mostly looking at how to get from the SCXI module out to the test setup and what the SCXI (or other DAQ unit) is located on top of.

I would post up a pic of our system but right now It's a cluge of cables and "temporary" connections since all I'm doing at the moment is AtoB comparisons with our old system (not impressive AT ALL). I will say that our set up is mobile. They're on carts so we can easily move from test sample to test sample when necessary.


Also, I am fully aware of how sensitive some test samples can be to outside viewers. I don't expect to see any "test setups" without a non-disclosure agreement (although from a techy standpoint is pretty cool), I'm mostly interested in the hardware setup; the 'bench' if you will.


SCXI- 1000 Chassis w/ 1346 adapter
PCI 6281 DAQ card
SCXI- 1520 Bridge Board w/ 1314 Terminal Block (x2)
SCXI- 1180 Feedthrough Panel w/ 1302 Block
Signal Express 2014.
Win7 Enterprise
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