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PXI 5922 Impedance matching


I am working on a measurement system for voltage harmonic signals in the range from 100Hz-10kHz . i am using the PXI-5922 digitizer for measurements. I need to use a coaxial cable with a length of 20m to transmit the signal from the voltage transducer to the digitizer. As i am new to this subject, it would be great if anyone can suggest me on impedance matching of the cable to minimize the measurement error on voltage amplitude and phase.


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 Impedance of the source?

Type of cable ?

If you say 10 kHz .. max bandwidth? or 10 kHz square wave with a bandwidth say up to 200 kHz (rule of thumb)



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Does the MXI-3 link still work? I'm looking at building a PXI-1031 chassis up with a PXI-8330 and PCI-8330 link to my controlling PC.

I plan on using LabVIEW community edition to do some fun bench-tests. I have a few PXI (PCI) cards.





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