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NI GPS simulation toolkit with PXIe-5673e



I have a PXIe-5673e hardware and the NI GPS simulation (GNSS) toolkit software and i want to generate GPS signal (broadcasting) into controlled chamber to tested a GPS car mobile. I don't have experience in the RF area and so, i ask  there is someone that can help me to define/choose the pre-amplifier and radial antenna to satisfy my test setup.


Thank you!




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Hello rrmachado,


What is the setup on the GPS car side ? Is it already defined ? If yes, yo d'ont need to amplify the output of the RFSG.


About the antenna, choose one on 1575.42Mhz (you can choose almost any antenna, the signal is strong enough...)


The only tricky part for you will be to adjust the RFSG output level (too strong = saturation ; too week : no reception); the expected level on the GPS input shoulb be -130dBm.


the usual "wire" configuration is as follow : RFSG output level = -40dBm and add 90dB line attenuation



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Hello ThibaultP,


Thank you for your reply.

About the setup GPS car mobile device, i didn't define yet. Probably, I need to amplify the RF output signal and i think depends the selection of type antenna too. I don't have experience with GPS antenna.

I have a comercial Garmin Nuvi GPS device to test and, my doubt is to choose the antenna GPS model to emiiter for GPS device. What would you recommend? The max distance, i was thinking for the setup, is 50cm, in vertical position.






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