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NI 9232 and PCB ICP Pressure sensor - Need fast help




I have been given the task to set up a test equipment in which we will measure the blast wave from a compressed air puls, duration of puls 100ms-200ms. I have a PCB Pressure sensor modell 113B28 that i want to use. I want to use 5 of these sensors when the final test will begin but at the moment i just want to try out one sensor to confirm that it works


My question is how do i set this up? I have a cDAQ 9171 and i will get an 8 slot cDAQ later this week. The set-ups that i have in mind looks like this:


-cDAQ + 9232BNC: BNC connector from sensor straight in to the module and happy days. Is it really this simple?

-cDAQ + 9229 + 9265 + Vsup: This is obviously more complicated and more expensive. Supply voltage and current using 9265 + Vsup and measure voltage using 9229.


Can the 9232 supply the 113B28 with the voltage and current necessary to drive and read the sensor? As it is an ICP sensor i was told to look for IEPE and then i should be on the right track?



I am in a hurry and need to get this done as soon as possible.


Thank you in advance for any responses!

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YES, the 9232 will work with your PCB sensor, 

sensor supply current range 2-20 mA   , 9232 4mA 🙂


However, have a close look at the specifications, the passband ripple results in an accuracy of 0,6%  so the 24bit reduces to less than 8bit accuracy in dynamic applications!!

If 51 kSPS is fine for your application switch to an 9234 wich is about 10 times better 😉 and the 2mA exitation current is still fine with your sensor IF you have short cables (<4m?)




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Thank you very much! Is the 5V+- enough? (As you can see i have very little experience in this field). NI was kind enough to let me borrow an 9232 but my cDAQ has not yet arrived. I do not know how long cables i need to run. Probably in the 5-10 meter range if i don't get noise from other equipments. At what cable length will the 2mA exitation current limit me? 


If i understand this correctly then i would be able to run 30m of cable at 40 000Hz:


I don't really know how many samples/sec i need but i would guess that 10 000 is good enough.


Again, thank you very much for your help! 

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