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Log Average value every 100 measurements


Hi Everyone:

  1. I am using NI-9220 and NI 9203
  2. am acquiring continuous analog (current) data signal from Laser Distance Sensor.
  3. To acquire measurements, I used DAQ assistant.
  4. I added the shift register to save the acquired data from the previous loop.
  5. I did add Three step filtration:


  • Backward/Forward Filter to fix the phase shift problem
  • Low Pass Filter
  • Moving Average


The vi software is attached.



  1. Could you please review the vi software and let me know if there is anything wrong? It seems to me that there is something wrong
  2. How can I get the average (Arithmetic Mean) in one point every 100 points instead of the moving average? In other words, I want only one averaged a point per second at the end of every iteration.
  3. How can I add another different channel in the same loop but with different parameters such as sampling rate, signal type (voltage), and apply the filtration process in the same loop?
  4. How can I make increase the precision of the measurements?


Any recommendation, suggestion, any help would be highly appreciated. 



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