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Is there any circuit card in a SCXI series for reading a PWM signal?

The signal specification is ...
"The signal is a differential 28 volt pulsed signal at a frequency between 160 Hz. and 200 Hz. and with a variable duty cycle. The signal is capable of driving a solenoid with a resistive load of 10 to 20 ohms and an inductive load of 25 - 51 mH. The average current of this signal will be pulsed width controlled. The average current drive capability will be a minimum of 0.8 A and will provide current limit protection against a short circuit."
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At this moment we don't have an SCXI module with these characteristics, but it would be a good idea to take a look at the Dynamic Signal Analyzer Boards (NI 4551 and NI 4552). They both can read signals in the range of +/-10mV to +/-42.4V with a 16 bit resolution and Sampling Rate of 204.8KS/s.

For more information on these boards, you can go to page 296 of the NI 2001 Catalog, or you can go to and make a search for "4552" or "4551".

Good luck with your application!
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