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Is that OK to power up SCC-SG01/SC-2345 with no signal connected?

A dumb question from first time user:
From the specification of SCC-SG01, the voltage input range is -100mV to 100mV. But if no signal/sensor is connected to SCC-SG01, is that equivelent to RG = infinite so that voltage input becomes 2.5V/2 = 1.25V which exceeds the limit?

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You are correct.  The signal would be floating at 1.25 Volts, which would cause your measurement to rail at 100 mV.  The SCC-SG01 has over voltage protection up to 28 V, so 1.25 V will not damage the module.

Please see the SCC-SG Series Strain-Gauge Modules User Guide for more details at:
I hope this helps.
Sean C.
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That is really helpful and now I dare to plug in power:-)

Thanks a lot.
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