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Is anyone having scxi-1162hv opto-isolators fail?

I'm inputting three 120VAC signals to one bank of an SCXI-1162HV board via a TBX-1326 terminal. All inputs are fed from the same source and share the same neutral. The neutral is at earth ground potential. The neutral is connected to the GND terminal for the bank, and the inputs go to the first three inputs of the bank, the fourth is unused. This seems to work fine for a few days and then the inputs for that bank quit reading. This is a hardware failure.
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Hmm.Strange thing. Here are a few things to suggest for trying :

1. refer to the knowledgebase ID 1E1HB42I

2. Take a loo at the jumpers. I know its a weird suggestion but doesnt harm.

3. I suspect if at any instance it is exceeding the maximum current specs of 1.5mA.

4. Are there any analog modules in the chassis?? If so, connect them to the data acquisition card and see what happens.

5. Use SCXI-1326, the suggested terminal block for the module.

6. Do u mean to say, it works for some days and then it quits reading. and than again if u start then it works again for next few days? Please clarify on this. Or is it a permanent failure ? If it is I suspect a very high glitch or something beyond the higher limits of voltage.

7. Also please take a l
ook at the knowledgebase ID 0NGB09VK
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1. I looked at the document in the knowledgebase and it doesn't make sense. According to the manual there is no (Vcc) connection at all, instead it refers to a ground reference terminal (GND).
2. I agree, the jumpers were the first thing I checked.
3. The manual states that it has current limiting built into the inputs.
4. In this rack I'm using the 1162 in parallel mode cabled directly to a PCI-DIO-32HS card, and yes there are some scxi-1100 cards in multiplexed mode.
5. My signals are terminated on a TBX-1326 block that is cabled to the 1162
6. No, when it stops working, this is permenant. Unless you replace the card.
7. I have looked at that document before, but these aren't flickering.
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