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I am having to cycle power on an SCXI chassis every time I start my program.


Like the title says, I get an error every time I start my program unless I cycle the power on the SCXI chassis. 


This is the error:


08:31:21    ResetDevices
NationalInstruments.DAQmx.DaqException: Module specified in the hardware configuration is not the module found.

Make sure that the module specified in the hardware configuration is present in the specified slot.

Device Specified: SC1Mod1

Status Code: -200107
   at nNIMSSAIL100.StatusObserverT<nNIMSSAIL100::ApiTraits<nNIMSSAIL100::DotNetApi> >.CheckWithName(StatusObserverT<nNIMSSAIL100::ApiTraits<nNIMSSAIL100::DotNetApi> >* , tCaseInsensitiveBasicString<unsigned short\,_STL::char_traits<unsigned short>\,_STL::allocator<unsigned short>\,nNIDMXS100::tLocaleConsideringWideStringComparitor\,nNIDMXS100::tLocaleConsideringWideStringCaseForcer>* pName)
   at NationalInstruments.DAQmx.Device.Reset()
   at DEER_DAQ.modFunctions.ResetDevices()

  This is my reset procedure:



    Public Sub ResetDevices()
        Dim devices() As String = DaqSystem.Local.Devices
        Dim tempstring As String = ""


            For Each tempstring In devices
                If Not tempstring.Contains("cDAQ") Then
                    dvc = DaqSystem.Local.LoadDevice(tempstring)
                    frmD.txtMessage.AppendText(vbNewLine & dvc.ToString & " reset.")
                End If
        Catch ex As Exception

            swError.WriteLine(TimeString & vbTab & "ResetDevices" & vbNewLine & ex.ToString & vbNewLine & vbNewLine)

            Select Case MsgBox("Could not reset " & tempstring & ".  Are you using this device for the current channel configuration?", MsgBoxStyle.YesNoCancel, "Error Resetting Devices")
                Case MsgBoxResult.Yes
                    If MsgBox("Please ensure that the SXCI chassis is turned on.  Possible reasons for failure " & _
                    "include a blown fuse, being switched off, a bad power supply or being unplugged. " & _
                    "Press OK when SCXI chassis is powered on or cancel to quit.", MsgBoxStyle.OkCancel, _
                    "Warning!") = MsgBoxResult.Ok Then
                    End If
                Case MsgBoxResult.No
                    Exit Sub
                Case MsgBoxResult.Cancel
            End Select
        End Try
    End Sub




Any ideas?

Programming Data Acquisition and Control in Measurement Studio and Labwindows/CVI
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Hi Michael,


What happends in Windows Device Manager and Measurement and Automation Explorer when your program cannot find your SCXI? Can you check to see if NI Device Loader is starting automatically in Windows Services?


Windows 7:

Control Panel » Adminstrative Tools » Services

Jake H | Product Manager
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I can't communicate with the device in MAX when this problem occurs.  I will have to check on the device loader.

Programming Data Acquisition and Control in Measurement Studio and Labwindows/CVI
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