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How to connect two parallel mode SCXI-1520 cards to one PXI-6254?


My M Series PXI-6254 has two 68 pin connectors.
The 1st connector for differential channels 0 to 7.
The 2nd connector for differential channels 8 to 15.
Is it possible to connect two SCXI-1520 cards in parallel
mode to one PXI-6254 which has two 68pin connectors?

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This feature is not possible with the current version of our NI-DAQ driver. R&D is aware of this need though, and we may see this feature released soon.

Anuj D.
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Does the latest driver now support this feature?

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Hi Kevin,

The last response was a bit misleading, because this limitation is not a driver limitation - it is actually a hardware limitation. When connecting the SCXI-1520 modules to the DAQ board in parallel mode using the SCXI-1349 adapters, the simultaneous sample and hold signal from the DAQ board is not routed to the second connector of the M-series board. So, simultaneous sample and hold is not available to any SCXI module which is connected to the second connector of the m-series board.

If you do not require the simultaneous sample and hold functionality, there is an <b>unsupported</b> work-around. When you create a task to acquire data, you can turn off the simultaneous sample and hold property for your acquisition, and you will be able to acquire from the second SCXI-1520 in parallel mode.

How many PXI-6254 boards are you planning on using with the SCXI-1520s? Do you already own the DAQ device and the SCXI modules, or is the a pre-sales question?

Logan K

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