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How do you get CJC Voltages from more then one 1102/1303 module

I tried using the channel array as follows:
ob0 ! sc1 ! md1 ! cjtemp
ob0 ! sc1 ! md2 ! cjtemp
ob0 ! sc1 ! md1 ! 0:30
ob0 ! sc1 ! md2 ! 0:30

I get an error after AI START is run (Error: AI Control -10370).
The other thing i tried was to put the cjtemp for module 2 after the channel list for module 1 such that it would scan the modules sequentially, the program runs but seems to ignore the second cjtemp command.
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Hello Eric,

I think you mentioned the correct way to make this work. You need to group the cjtemp of each module with the other channels of that module. I did this with a setup of my own, and everything worked fine. Is it possible that the second cjtemp was just immediately overlayed by other channels and appeared not to be there?

If this is still an issue for you, please explain what you mean by 'ignore the second cjtemp command'.

Thank you,

John Nieri
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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