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Hooking up an NTC Thermister to an SCC-A10

I have an SCC-A10 module plugged into an SC-2345.
I have a sensor that has Relative Humidity and Temperature built into it. The RH seems to work based on a simple voltage reading (that works just fine). But I'm having trouble getting ANY readings from the NTC thermister.
1) I have a constant 5 volt input to the sensor and 13.8 volt to the SC-2345
2) There is only one lead from the sensor for the temperature reading so I'm assuming that it's reading between that and ground.
3) What are the settings in Labview Meas and Auto Explorer that I should use? I'm given info on temperature vs. resistance.
4) If the SCC-A10 is not the module to use, can you suggest one that might work instead?

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Hi smapson,

I had a question about the setup you are running here. There is only one wire connecting your sensor and the A10? If it is referencing to ground, there has to be a common ground reference between the two. Otherwise, you have to have some other wire to reference the voltage to.

In general, the RTD01 is the best module to be using for thermistors. The A10 is more for measuring larger voltages that need to be scaled down(up to 100V input).

-Matthew S.
-National Instruments

LabVIEW Integration Engineer with experience in LabVIEW Real-Time, LabVIEW FPGA, DAQ, Machine Vision, as well as C/C++. CLAD, working on CLD and CLA.
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Thanks for the info on the thermister. It does indeed have a common ground. I'll give the RTD01 a try and see if that helps. Hopefully I'll see that module in the mail soon and report back if it does/doesn't work.
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