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High strain rate testing (SHPB)

Hi everyone,


If I need a strain measurement data point from the specimen for every 1 microsecond then I need a measuring device with a frequency bandwidth of 1000KHz and above?. 

But the catalog for strain instruments (C Series Strain/Bridge Input Module) has a maximum of 50KS/s/ch. This can give a measuring point every 20 microseconds, which I think is not suitable for dynamic material characterization and impact experiments.

Can someone tell me what devices are used for SHPB and impact data measurements form NI.


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Hello Bhaskarhnk,

The PXIe-4331 has a maximum sample rate of 102Ks/s, which can allow you to strain measurement data point from the specimen for every 10 microseconds

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You need 1MSPS and assuming a <0.5% uncertainty at ~100 mV  ...  

We use  a PXI 5922 for high shock calibration, but we use an additional signal conditioner only up to 300kHz,. but a good 1MHz bridge amplifier ??? would be challenge to calibrate it 😉 


So a 1MSPS (an no multiplexing!) DAQ with external amplifier looks reasonable ...  unless a NI-supporter comes up with a 1MSPS DAQ and less than 2mV uncertainty 😉


And I want NI product finder with a general spec search including spec'ed uncertainty, min max ranges, but maybe I missed it 😉

Greetings from Germany

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Hi Bhaskar,


I am using PXIe-6124 card (4MS/sec) for SHPB. 

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