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Fluctuating Voltage Readings form Differential Pressure Sensor

I am getting unexpected fluctuating voltage readings from the differential pressure sensor which is mounted on the Signal Conditioning Board. I have replaced that sensor as well as signal conditioning board and still getting the same voltage readings. I have also replaced analog input cables.


I am using a Pressure calibrator to calibrate inches of water and when I calibrate that sensor to 0, the value will change to a number between -1 and 3 unstable.


What would likely cause this?

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Hi Garteaga,


What are the models/numbers of the hardware devices you are using? It would be helpful to know this so we can look at the spec sheets and see they have some insight. 


Also, where are you seeing the unexpected fluctuating voltage? For instance, are you using LabVIEW to read in this data?




Andrea W.
ELP Engineer
National Instruments
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